Last Minute Tips for Prelims 2024

Last Minute Tips for Prelims 2024 May 4,2024

We have been left with the 40 days to the UPSC Prelims. Out of three stages of this exam, Prelims has been remained the ACID TEST as always. May be it seems that the simple MCQ test will be get passed just with a wink, but practicality remains other; in this elementary test barely around 13 thousand candidates can make through out of the total candidature of 7 lacs+. Here are some quick suggestions to choose the UPSC coaching centre in Kolkata to help the candidates so that they can execute the very required in the Exam day and get shortlisted for writing Mains Exam.

1) Add on Materials :-

When the Exam has been left with 25 days, don’t try to add any new material. This is the most crucial time to consolidate the things that already you have read. Market is getting overflooded with materials, everybody is on the arm chair to guide the aspirants in the social media, talks have surfaced the social media that from where the question is coming in this year’s paper. DON’T BE INTO THIS. Always remain sure that only the UPSC knows how to set the paper and what cut off to mark with.

2) Revision :-

REVISION REVISION REVISION. Revision is the key of the success in this exam. Idea for success is very simple, if you by sitting in the exam hall can recall the concepts and facts at that very hours, the day is yours’.

3) Concept :-

Don’t under any influence think other than to be on concept. E.g. Polity, Economics, History, these are the subjects from where minimum 40+ questions are going to be asked. If your concept is too clear in these subjects, obviously you are on advantage.

4) Test Series :-

If you have went through some 20 test series (good and balanced) you have done enough, you are enough practised. Read the answer hints very minutely there, try to find out what went wrong there when you were attempting a particular question and marked it. You make yourself be sure that it is not going to be repeated. If you couldn’t manage some good score when was attempting the test series, don’t bother yourself with that past of yours, you were semi-prepared then, now you are ready and will execute on the D-day like a Pro. Just relax and concentrate.

5) Previous Years’ Question:-

Go through the last 10 years question paper, you will get an comprehensive idea about the question pattern. It helps a lot.

6) CSAT:-

Don’t ignore this paper. This paper has been since last 4 years making a lot of hard working candidates to force sit outside as they are getting failed to qualify. Don’t panick here. If you can attempt around 55 questions out of the given 80, you be sure that you will fetch the qualifying marks here. The main problem arises here that is dearth of time for those who are not too proficient in this sort of paper, especially because of their educational background. But you don’t have to attempt the all, its qualifying in nature.

7) Number of Attempts:-

This depends on the candidates. Some goes with wide, some minimal. If you are too confident with 50 answers of yours, then you can limit yourself within 75-80, or you can go till 85- 88. But don’t under any circumstances go beyond 90 attempts. If your

luck would not be too bestowed, it will be a debacle and ruin your years’ rigorous effort.

8) Cut-off:-

Since 2021, the cut off has been hovering below 90 marks and last year it touched 74.51 (General). So, please try to understand the crux of the game. Don’t believe in the words of pseudos or self proclaimed. Target the cut-off for 100, all will be fine. Abrupt high jump in the cut off, no way possible.

9) Mind and Health:-

Take care of this two. The reason of failure is the combination of Lack of Confidence and over-Effort. Believe yourself, keep faith in, take some deep breath – inhale and exhale, consume enough liquid, you have done enough, you are at the very best of yours. Hire the best UPSC coaching centre in Kolkata.

Best of wishes. May God be with you.