Self-study vs. coaching: Which is more effective for IAS preparation?

Self-study vs. coaching: Which is more effective for IAS preparation? February 7,2024

While getting prepared for the UPSC examination, one question might arise in the minds of the students. It will be whether they should take the help of coaching or not. The students should give a thought on this topic before commencing their preparation.

IAS is an extremely difficult examination in India. The syllabus is huge and it is rigorous as well. Moreover, there are many applicants every year for this exam. However, the rate of success is one of the lowest right here. Not many people are able to clear this examination.

Why should you read in a coaching Institute?

Let us try to find out why the preparation for IAS depends on coaching classes significantly. We already mentioned that the civil service exam success rate is rather low. Moreover, there is not much guidance whatsoever. An aspirant will not want to go through the cycle repeatedly. They would like to succeed at the very first attempt. Therefore, they will look for the proper approach and guidance. In that case, coaching institutes will be their perfect solution. They will provide the students with study materials as well as compact notes. These materials are also simple to understand. Apart from this, the students will receive personal attention. Also, there will be healthy competition.

However, this concept has become obsolete right now. There is no need for the candidates to take costly coaching classes after coming to big cities. This is because they will get hold of many online courses. These coaching centers will provide effective strategies to the aspirants. They can also get hold of study materials and online mentors.

Why should one go for self-study?

It will be a good idea to perform self-study irrespective of whether you are taking coaching or not. It will be imperative for you to read all the materials and books by yourself at least once. Following the forum of the coaching classes will be a sensible idea to comprehend the booklist for UPSC CSE. It will help you to establish a strategy for yourself. This will assist you in finding substance in the preparation for the IAS exam.

However, the question here is up to what extent will self-study be useful? Would it be conducive for a tough examination like IAS? How can you perform self-study on your own?

The answer to this question will be that you must comprehend your study plan and the proper approach. Self-study will become simple if you comprehend the most suitable sources that should be chosen. However, it also comes with its drawbacks. One has to be dedicated and laborious to perform self-study. It will not be a good idea to leave it in between. At times, it can become somewhat boring and isolating. Now the question is what should the aspirants choose in that case? We will compare both self-study and coaching facilities to get a better idea.

Self-study versus Coaching Institute

  • Coaching institutes will always keep you alert. They will provide you with the much-required push that you need to succeed in the exam. On the other hand, it is possible for self-study to make you lag behind in the race. You might even skip any updates.
  • Coaching classes will allow you to prepare your timetable. Moreover, they will also give priority to your subjects. All the aspirants need to do will be to study. Without coaching facilities, it is imperative for the aspirants to make an attempt to work out a study plan initially.
  • Coaching institutes will allow you to outshine your competitors. This is because the experts will provide you with the proper guidance. It might be possible for you to gain access to the best coaching in your locality.
  • Coaching classes will organize seminars on a regular basis. This will provide the aspirants with continuous push and motivation. It is possible for self-study to lag somewhat in this case.
  • It is feasible for coaching classes to consume your energy and time. Your schedule might be tight and busy. Self-study will provide you with sufficient time and space to study according to your convenience.
  • The majority of the coaching classes are expensive. As a result, they can be a financial burden on you. Several aspirants might not even be able to afford it. On the contrary, self-study will provide you with a comfortable and calm environment at your residence.
  • Many coaching classes might organize personal doubt clearance sessions intended for the aspirants. It will help them to improve in the long run.
  • At times, coaching classes keep the aspirants hanging. On the contrary, self-study will allow you to get prepared for the IAS examination on your own.

Final thoughts

In this way, it is clear that self-study as well as coaching classes have their personal advantages and drawbacks. You need to study things on your own even though you might take coaching classes. In this condition, it would be better to assert that the decision lies entirely in the hands of the students.

If you find that it was a coaching center is student-friendly and provides value for your money, you must not hesitate to join a coaching center. Nevertheless, it might be a prudent idea to get prepared on your own if you are not able to afford a coaching center. Anyway, we like to conclude by asserting that preparing for the IAS exam is not easy. One has to work extremely hard to achieve success. If you are pugnacious and perseverant, then you can definitely achieve success.