How to Stay Motivated During Your UPSC Preparation Journey

How to Stay Motivated During Your UPSC Preparation Journey June 15,2024

If you're a prospective civil servant getting ready for the UPSC civil services test in 2024, you've already started to prepare extensively for it. One of the hardest tests in the nation is the IAS exam. About half of the applicants who apply to take the preliminary exam need to show up for it. And even fewer individuals succeed in becoming our nation's government workers. You can find all these motivating causes and justifications for the upsc preparation in Kolkata on this page.

Establish a Specific Objective

Clarifying your objective is critical to avoiding discouragement. Begin your journey by asking yourself, "What does UPSC mean to you?" Always see yourself as a government worker who serves the country in the end.

The next stage after this should be to divide this goal into more manageable objectives, such as finishing a certain section of the course or doing practice exams. By setting and completing these little objectives, you'll be able to see your progress and maintain motivation.

Make a Practical Study Schedule

Make sure your study plan for upsc preparation in Kolkata is tailored to your needs and not simply a duplicate of someone else's timetable. It should also take into account your talents and shortcomings.

Recall that an overly ambitious goal may cause burnout, yet an overly relaxed approach would hinder your advancement. In this case, find a decent equilibrium. Set aside time to go over each topic, make revisions, and take breaks. On this path, consistency is extremely crucial.

Recognise the subjects that you find boring and attempt to study those sections differently. Use your imagination while addressing these subjects. View movies instead of reading books. Try instructing a group of people on these topics. Keep in mind that the UPSC curriculum is extensive, thus you will come across areas that you find boring. However, you may overcome obstacles with these creative strategies. Refrain from dull subjects demotivating you from studying for the IAS test.

Remind Yourself Of Your Advantages

You will often feel inadequate throughout your civil service preparation. Studying for the UPSC test might take a year; therefore, it is normal to have occasional low moods. Remind yourself of your advantages at these moments. Tell yourself, "I am a good mathematician," if you excel in maths but struggle with English. 

Note Your Advancement

Keep a journal of your progress on a regular basis. Examine this chart if you are feeling down. You'll have a sense of accomplishment and the momentum you need to keep going.

Take A Rest

A human being cannot continue without pauses. A well-deserved getaway may help your body and mind rejuvenate. Changing your surroundings may also provide you with a new viewpoint, which can improve your thoughts and direction for your responses.

Expect Obstacles

Remain motivated even in the face of obstacles. A race would not exist without obstacles. Successful people are not ones who never had trouble; rather, they are those who confronted difficulties and conquered them.

The Ideal Setting

You will spend a lot of time in your study room sitting down to prepare for the IAS tests. Make sure your space is tidy and energetic. Being in the appropriate "mood" greatly aids motivation when studying. Provide comfortable chairs and enough lighting. Place a photo of yourself or a motivational quote on the study table or wall.

Conduct Learning Experiments

The same routine might become boring throughout your UPSC CSE preparation trip, which lowers your drive. Incorporate informative films, engage in debates with knowledgeable individuals in groups, or impart your knowledge to a stranger as you read. With this variety, your mind is kept active and piqued for more.

Participate in any online discussion boards where other UPSC candidates are present. Sharing information and experiences may foster a feeling of motivation and belonging. Remember that you are not travelling alone.

Monitor Your Development

Always maintain a log of your advancement. To record your learning, your progress, and your objectives for the next study session, keeps a study notebook. To stay motivated, reflect on your trip and acknowledge your development.

Take Inspiration From The Greats

If all else fails, learn from the greats: your favourite businessperson, a legendary athlete, or even former top performers in the public service. Go over what they said or did. Spend even 10 minutes watching an inspiring movie. This might give you the energy to start again.


Passing the UPSC CSE is not only about knowledge—it is also about endurance, dedication, and character. It might not be easy to stay motivated throughout this process, but you can persevere through the process by putting these methods into practice.

Never forget that small, continuous efforts are the cornerstone of success. You will succeed in realising your desire to become a government servant as long as you maintain your will and optimism. So find the best upsc preparation in Kolkata.

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