Essential Tips for Freshers Joining IAS Coaching

Essential Tips for Freshers Joining IAS Coaching June 6,2024

It is also crucial to start honing your Mains answer writing techniques early on and acquire the fundamental abilities that will enable you to compose an excellent response in under seven minutes. This early emphasis on response writing will improve your comprehension of the material and adequately get you ready for the main test. This thorough guide will assist newcomers in navigating the world of ias coaching Kolkata.

How Can I Begin UPSC Preparation At The Beginning?

Taking a systematic and concentrated approach is necessary while beginning UPSC preparation from the start (Zero Level). Start by being familiar with the curriculum, requirements, and exam structure of the UPSC. Create a study schedule that addresses every subject and topic in detail. Establish a solid foundation in current events and fundamental ideas. Make use of reputable study guides, suggested reading lists, and internet resources. To assess your progress, take practice exams and work from prior years on a regular basis. Remain dependable, efficiently manage your time, and, if necessary, seek advice from top ias coaching centre in Kolkataor mentors. Maintain a good outlook, keep up with current affairs, and develop a rigorous routine throughout your preparation process.

Prepare Yourself Mentally

The length of the UPSC test procedure-which takes around a year to finish when all exam phases and applicant preparation are taken into account-is one of the most difficult parts of the UPSC IAS exam. Being one of India's most competitive examinations, the UPSC requires candidates to be psychologically prepared for the test. The candidate can only overcome all obstacles and correctly lead them if their body and mind are in good condition. You may get the required direction from a UPSC mentor. An applicant for the UPSC should also ensure that they fully comprehend the curriculum and test format.

Select Optional Subjects Carefully

For the Mains, you must choose one optional topic. Select one that you understand well and are enthusiastic about. Your elective course needs to align with your hobbies and areas of strength.

Enhance Your Analytical Abilities

UPSC focuses on information analysis and application rather than memorization by rote. Combine dynamic current events with your static topic notes. Develop perspectives, read critically, and get experience writing well-structured responses.

Morality and Honesty

A crucial component of the UPSC Mains Exam is ethics. Grow up with a strong sense of morality, honesty, and civic duty. Learn more about ethical philosophers, case studies, and actual situations to improve your comprehension of ethics.

Edit and Consider

Regular editing is essential. The large UPSC syllabus needs frequent review of the material to help you retain it. Consider your development, evaluate your errors, and seek to make them better.

Participate In A UPSC Coaching Program

Enrolling in online platforms or top ias coaching in Kolkatamight provide organized instruction. Their decades of expertise may provide you with professional mentoring and planned preparation. But remember that self-study and self-control are just as crucial. Use web portals such as the Vajiram & Ravi Portal to get information on a regular basis.

Recognize the Exam Pattern

Another crucial stage in beginning UPSC preparation from scratch is comprehending the test. If candidates have a thorough grasp of the UPSC Exam Pattern, they may better comprehend the important ideas and plan their time for exam preparation. The UPSC IAS exam's three phases are covered in depth in the test format.

Select a Mentor

A mentor is a person who gives a prospective UPSC member appropriate advice and inspiration. In a candidate's UPSC preparation process, when the applicant begins from the beginning, the mentor's involvement is crucial. A superb mentor definitely inspires every IAS topper.

A superb mentor undoubtedly inspires every IAS topper. The function of a mentor is quite significant. At all costs, a novice candidate has to be mentored by an experienced mentor. It is the mentor's responsibility to identify the candidate's mistakes and provide the necessary fixes.

Select Your Graduation Programme

Selecting the appropriate graduate degree program helps in preparing for the UPSC IAS. Since the test is dependent on the candidate's strengths and shortcomings as well as his areas of interest, no graduating degree can guarantee success. Numerous high achievers have asserted a close relationship between the graduate degree and the optional topic chosen for the UPSC IAS Main Exam. However, there isn't a single optional topic that can ensure test achievement; a candidate's interest in the material counts.

Solve Papers from the Previous Year

Candidates will find it helpful to examine the question types, mark distribution, and key topic areas from which the questions are chosen. It is better to study the UPSC paper from the previous year instead of merely reading it by hand to get a precise grasp of the test pattern.


While passing the UPSC test is difficult, it is not insurmountable. If you put in the necessary amount of work and attention, you, too, maybe one of those selected for UPSC and assigned to the posts you want. It depends entirely on the candidates' degree of self-preparation since many candidates sometimes need clarification about how to begin their best ias coaching Kolkata preparation from scratch via independent study.

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