When should we join UPSC coaching?

When should we join UPSC coaching? January 29,2024

Sometimes, individuals think of becoming a civil servant when they are young. It’ll be sensible to think of going for UPSC coaching as soon as you have decided to become a civil servant. However, you need to stick to some rules set by the UPSC to prepare for the civil services examination. One of these rules will be to have the minimum qualification. You at least need to be a graduate to be entitled to sit in the examination. Moreover, you must be at least 21 years of age.

When it is possible to join coaching classes for UPSC?

Here, we would like to mention that it’ll be better to join this coaching when one is studying in his first year of graduation. On the other hand, the best time to join the coaching classes will be one year before appearing in the subsequent examination in case the candidate has got some family reasons or he has started his job early. Try to comprehend the responsibility of the coaching Institute before joining it since it will help you take advantage of the services provided by the Institute.

Significance of beginning at the proper time

It’ll be a good idea to start the coaching classes at the proper time. This is because the syllabus of this examination is vast and one needs to have profound knowledge on the subject. Starting at the proper time will enable the candidate to cover the whole syllabus comprehensively.

Factors necessary to consider

1. Educational background

The decision to join an IAS coaching Institute will depend on the educational background of the candidate. Beginning early should be ideal for those individuals who have comprehensive knowledge of the subjects pertinent to the syllabus of the UPSC examination.

2. Personal willingness

It is important to be mentally prepared before joining the coaching center. There are certain aspects such as perseverance, mental preparation, and the ability to cope with stress that can be instrumental for figuring out the ideal time to begin.

3. Available resources

Take into account the resources available to you which will consist of the availability of time, study materials, as well as financial resources. It’ll be imperative to gain access to top-quality resources to make adequate preparation for the examination.

Advantages of early start

1. Creating a solid foundation

It’ll be possible for the candidate to establish a solid foundation in the relevant subjects in case they start the UPSC coaching classes early. It will assist them in comprehending complicated concepts without any problems whatsoever.

2. Coping with the pressure of the examination

One can cope with the examination pressure successfully by preparing for a longer span. This will help to minimize the possibility of any 11th-hour anxiety, and it will also enhance the performance of the candidate.

. Time for comprehensive preparation

In case you begin early, you will get the advantage of time. This will help you to understand each topic comprehensively in the best possible way.

Drawbacks of early start

1. Restricted exposure to current affairs

Beginning the coaching classes quite early might lead to a gap between the actual examination and the initial preparation. This can result in a possible deficiency of mindfulness regarding current affairs.

2. Possibility of getting burned out

Another possible drawback of beginning early will be the risk of getting burned out. This is because one can suffer from a lack of motivation as well as exhaustion because of long hours of study.

3. Modified interests

The interests of the candidates might evolve with the advent of time. The flexibility to explore other professions might be restricted by beginning too early.

Preparation strategies

1. Establishing a proper study plan

Make sure to figure out a proper study plan to prepare for the UPSC examination. It is imperative for the plan to cover the whole syllabus and your time should be allocated effectively as well.

2. Do not forget to revise

t is of prime importance to revise regularly since it will help you to retain the topics in memory. Candidates should invest adequate time to revise the previous topics to understand properly and improve memory retention capabilities.

3. Balancing extracurricular activities and academics

Make sure to balance your extracurricular activities and academics in the proper way. This will provide you with enough time to prepare for the examination ahead of you.

Mistakes that you should avoid

1. Overlooking the question papers of the previous year

It is a fact that valuable insights will be provided by the question papers of the previous year if you want to prepare for the exam. It will not be a sane idea to ignore them by any means.

2. Ignoring optional subjects

Selecting your optional subjects is essential. Sometimes, you tend to make the mistake of ignoring the significance of optional subjects when it comes to improving the overall score.

3. Neglecting mock tests

It would not be sensible to neglect mock tests while preparing for the UPSC examination. This is because these types of tests will help to simulate the condition of the examination, and thus, they will help the students to figure out their weaknesses and strengths.


Thus, you must have a good idea regarding when it will be the best time to join your IAS coaching center from this article mentioned above. However, one thing is for sure you need to give your maximum effort to obtain good grades in the examination which will help you to achieve your dream in the long run.